Soprano Gets Grounded

“This is the last time, Soprano” a voice was shouting “we’re tired of your games – YOU’RE FIRED!”.

“But sir” came the reply “it wasn’t my fault…”

“It never is, Soprano” said the voice “but it always is…”.

Soprano packed her bags and left the tent. Her time as a stunt flyer had been amazing. She had performed tricks so amazing that nobody could ever match her.

She recalled her performance from the previous night – it had been amazing. She’d taken her plane up high, twisted left and right, up and down – all the while her graceful long hair flowing around her as she pushed the aircraft to its limits.

Unfortunately she’d pushed the limits a little too far. Mid-loop the plane had stalled and fallen to the ground.

Soprano hadn’t been hurt – but the plane required extensive repairs.

And it wasn’t the first time.

As she sadly left the camp she wasn’t sure what she’d do next. Nobody in town had any work for her anymore – they were all afraid that her love of flying dangerously would cost them more than they could afford.

As it was, Soprano longed for a challenge – something where she wasn’t limited by the available machine. She was tired of flying slow, outdated planes with limited power.

“So what are you going to do now, Soprano” she heard a voice say from behind her.

Spinning around, she saw an unassuming figure. But as unassuming as it was, it’s clear eyes were focused brightly on her.

“I know you…” she said. “I saw you in the crowd last night”.

“You have a good eye” the cat replied “my name is Snooty. But back to my question – what are you going to do now? It doesn’t look like you’ve got much to look forward to”.

“I’m not sure” Soprano said sadly.

“I have a friend that’s working on a project you might like to see” said Snooty quietly.

“It’s faster and more powerful than anything you’ll see around these parts”.

“It’s called the Catatonic”.

Soprano looked carefully at this figure she had just met.

Slowly… she nodded.

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