Jasmine Loses the Plot

Jasmine was bored again.

She’d read everything – much of it twice – in the entire library. Despite her many requests, the library had refused to order more books for her.

And so she sat, paws on her cheeks, sighing occasionally to herself about how bored she was.

Jasmine had one great love in life: learning. If she wasn’t learning, she wasn’t happy.

She left the library and walked outside, squinting a bit as the bright sun reflected onto her eyes through her glasses.

She didn’t have any money, so she couldn’t go to a book store – all the local store owners had thrown her out when she tried to sit and read quietly to herself, saying things like “what do you think this is, a library?!”.

The library was useless, as we’ve already seen.

“Perhaps” she thought to herself “it’s time for an adventure”.

Jasmine wasn’t sure what an “adventure” looked like. She’d read about a lot of other people having adventures, and they sounded very scary and not very nice.

But she could see how an adventure might help when people felt bored.

Thinking back to all the adventure books she had read recently, she decided that going on a trip somewhere might be adventurous enough for her first attempt.

She returned home and packed some things into a bag (mostly books, her laptop computer – she didn’t remember to pack a toothbrush or a change of clothes). Since she knew the maps off by heart, she easily found her way to the train station.

Once there, she decided a short 1 hour train trip would be a good place to start.

She found the next train and once it arrived she stepped cautiously on board.

“My, this is actually a bit exciting” she thought to herself brightly. As the train started she opened her backpack and started to read one of her books.

“Tickets! Tickets Please!” a loud voice startled her out of her book.

“Ticket?” she thought “What’s a ticket?”.

Although Jasmine had read a lot of books, rarely did the adventurers stop in their journeys for such dull things like “buying train tickets”.  Because Jasmine had never done anything like this at all, she had no idea that you needed a ticket (and money) to have a travelling adventure.

She was, of course, kicked off the train at the next station.

As she sat there crying softly to herself, a quiet voice asked “can I help you, Jasmine?”

Looking up through bleary eyes, she saw an intense looking cat staring down at her. In her sadness, she didn’t stop to wonder how the cat knew her name.

“I’m lost” she wailed, starting to cry again “and I just wanted to have an adventure, and the library hasn’t got enough books, and the book stores all kicked me out, and… and…” she broke down into sobs.

The response came “Don’t worry Jasmine. My name is Snooty, and I definitely can help you.”

“My friends and I really need someone like you. Someone who loves to learn. Someone who likes the idea of an adventure, but just needs a bit of help to have one”.

Jasmine looked up.

“Oh and I might add” Snooty continued “that we have one of the world’s largest libraries – and if you get through all we have, then we can always get more”.

Staring at her toes, Jasmine said quietly “I’ve always wanted to have friends”.

Snooty smiled gently and reached a paw down towards her.

Jasmine looked up, then reached out and took hold of Snooty’s paw.

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