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The Amazing Cat Club is an adventure series for children who enjoy reading, or want to enjoy it more.

My name is Chris, and my eldest daughter’s name is Felicity. This is our site, and these are our stories.

Night Time Adventures

Felicity has always been gifted with an amazing ability to create stories.

Even when she was younger, I (Chris) was constantly amazed by the depth and complexity of what she came up with.

One such series of adventures was the Cat Club.

Each day we would be regaled with stories of the Cat Club’s adventures flying here and there, doing amazing things each night while others were sleeping.

Behind the stories though every character was full of depth. They were complex, developed and interesting. They each had personalities, stories and adventures of their own.

They each participated in the team and brought their strengths to bear on any situation.

Some were funny. Others serious. Some playful, and others quiet.

She had created an entire world in her head. One full of adventure and excitement.

The Stories We Read

I grew up reading Asimov, Tolkien and CS Lewis (to name a few).

As my own girls are growing up, I look at what is available for them now and I am… disappointed.

Felicity is an advanced reader.

That means by the time she was 6 or 7 she could read the words in books that were targeted at 12 year olds or even older. She reads constantly, and over time finding suitable books for her to read became harder and harder.

Most frustrating though was that the books we found for children her age were so often full of drivel. Words are misspelled (to be funny), vocabulary is poor and dumbed down, and the stories are lacking if they exist at all.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many parents experienced the same frustrations.

So I thought we’d have a go at putting something together ourselves.

Her Creative, My Words

I’m a lawyer. That means I’m a bit lacking in the creativity department but I’m OK with words.

Luckily, Felicity has creativity in spades, but not the discipline yet to write a whole book on her own.

The Amazing Cat Club series is a combination of our talents and efforts.

I have taken her characters and her stories (slightly modified and expanded) and turned them into short stories for children.

She has had input along the way into the characters and stories, and is in charge of illustrations.

Neither of us could have started this project without the other. We’re a team.

I hope we can continue expanding the series into the future.

Are you Ready?

We’d love your support in this project.

You can help by:

  • downloading the free Short Story
  • buying the books when they become available on Amazon
  • giving us feedback
  • sharing our adventures with other people.