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Whether it’s confounding the bad guys or taking to the skies, the Amazing Cat Club is ready to save the day. Are you ready to join them?


Right Beneath Your Nose

Every night as you’re asleep, the Amazing Cat Club are risking their lives to foil evil plots, salvage precious artifacts, and keep the world a safer place.

Training, Tactics and Toys

Each member of the ACC from impassive Snooty to unpredictable Saki are experts in their fields. With physical, mental and emotional training – and the occasional bit of equipment from Professor Gertrude – the ACC are ready to take on whatever challenge awaits them.

Join the Adventure

Through diplomatic channels we’ve managed to get just a few of the stories about the adventures of the ACC from High Command. We’re under strict orders to ensure that these events don’t get in to the wrong hands. Can we trust you?

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Not everything has to be a book. Read our short stories and a bit about how our books came together in our blog.

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Want to find out how the ACC was formed in the first place? Well now you can, with our free story: Amazing Cat Club: Beginnings.

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The Canadian Treasure

Get our full length book, the Amazing Cat Club and the Canadian Treasure and join the ACC as it tries to solve the riddle of the Canadian treasure… before Mr Big does.

The Canadian Treasure

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